Gwesty Bach
Erw Fair
Guest House


Here at Erw Fair, we take pride in our guest house being meticulously clean. Following Government guidelines, we have put in place measures to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and help to reduce a second wave. When the travel ban is lifted on the 13th July, you can rest assured that a rigorous cleaning routine will be in place. Proudly and dutifully, we have taken the following steps to ensure that your stay is as safe and enjoyable as possible.
All our rooms are deep cleaned and disinfected before the next guest is due to arrive. Special attention is given to high touch items such as remote controls, hair dryers, kettles, door handles, window handles etc. The communal hallways are cleaned regularly throughout the day and the same cleaning routines are being applied to all areas which are not visible to the public. You are actively encouraged to wash your hands with soap and water as per government guidelines. Hand sanitizer is located in the entrance hall.
Public areas are open again but the breakfast buffet table remands closed, instead breakfast is order from a menu once you are seated.